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Mark Kessell

03.17.11 | 7 Comments

Kim Foster Gallery New York. Artist: Mark Kessell - “Specimen Box - Unmet Friends” - Exhibition dates: 17.03.11. Information about Mark Kessell - Museum or Gallery informations: New York, Kim Foster Gallery, Group - Artists: by Wikipedia.org / Portal: Arts. Artnet informations - Buy arts from Mark Kessell or find objects, articles or web-projects? Art online: Mark Kessell by adaweb.com | Biography and pressreleases: Mark Kessell. Articles and texts:

Artists and exhibitions: Nam June Paik, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer (Digital Art Collection).

ART London: Unit foundation.

Current exhibitions: Marietta Neuss, London.

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer

Web Exhibitions

Current Artbooks: amazon.de - Ralph Ueltzhoeffer MoMA Projects "Web 2.0 Identity".


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